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Property Highlights:

  • New Property 02
  • New Property 02
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  • New Property 02


Unlocking Property Value:

  • Comprehensive risk management, protecting the seller and future buyers/developers
  • Thorough, responsible environmental engineering and cleanup of soil and groundwater
  • New entitlements, making use of zoning changes that tripled development height
  • A $28 million capital stack, led by Frontier Renewal’s own equity fund and business-insurance settlements, to get the project done
  • Negotiated settlements with four insurance companies on claims under comprehensive general liability policies


Current Status:

  • Demolition of all building completed March 2013
  • Onsite cleanup of contamination substantially complete. Offsite clean up will continue for several years
  • Sale to biotechnology research and development firm to close April 2014, bringing new investment, jobs, residents and commerce to the area

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