29th Avenue & Sheridan Boulevard



Property Highlights:

  • A onetime corner gas station with significant contamination from leaking underground storage tanks
  • Ownership by a reluctant bank after foreclosure on the property
  • Location on a vibrant retail corridor in an evolving neighborhood that appeals to young urban professionals


Unlocking Property Value:

  • Property acquisition that shifted environmental obligations away from the seller
  • Creative financing to clear liens and other encumbrances and encourage redevelopment
  • Comprehensive risk management, protecting future buyers and developers
  • Thorough, responsible environmental engineering and cleanup of soil and groundwater
  • A capital stack led by Frontier Renewal’s own equity fund and including a new bank loan
  • A rehabilitated site ideal for retail development


Current Status:

  • Cleanup almost complete
  • Property sold to a residential developer in august 2014 for development of an apartment complex

Financial, technical and regulatory expertise allow Frontier Renewal to protect parties from environmental liabilities